About SharePoint Image Maps

SharePoint Image Maps

Create Hotspot Navigation in SharePoint with Image Maps!

Create Custom Navigation from ANY Image and Insert into SharePoint Pages! Create eye catching and interactive images with clickable regions. Offer a more intuitive interface and add life to your SharePoint sites.

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An image like this with clickable regions, can replace the need for custom page layout design and several text links or buttons on a SharePoint page, making the page look sharper and offering visitors a more intuitive user interface.

How does SharePoint Image Maps Work?

With our easy to use, drag and drop Image Maps Builder you can quickly customise, edit and generate image maps for any image without coding. Simply define selected areas of your image, set actions and display content for when you roll over these areas. Then use the Image Map SPFx Webpart to insert your Image Maps into any SharePoint Page!

Images contained within a Picture Library will have the option to create an Image Map directly from the image's Context Menu. You can even set the content text to be taken from a SharePoint List for easy updates. The generated Image Map is fully responsive and optimized to work across all devices.

SharePoint Image Maps Features and Benefits:
  • Save / Update Image Maps (Any changes reflect in SharePoint Pages).
  • Multiple Floors.
  • Zooming Capability.
  • Very easy to install. Very easy to use, no training required.
  • Tightly integrated into SharePoint.
  • Responsive and optimized for touchscreen.
  • Interactive Help System.
  • Advanced Drag-and-drop Editor.
  • Polygon, Icon, Rectangle and Ellipse Shapes.
  • 150 SVG Icons Included150 SVG Icons Included.
  • Lots of Style and Animation Options.
  • Customisable Mouse over and Click Actions.
  • Read ToolTip Content from SharePoint List.
  • Create Image Map from Images Context Menu (Applies to Images stored in Picture Libraries).
  • Run script on shape click.
  • Custom Tooltip Position.
  • Image Backgrounds.
  • Menu.
  • Image Map SPFx Webpart for easy inclusion to SharePoint Pages.
  • Excellent UK based support!
To download a free, working trial of SharePoint Image Maps, click here. We provide a selection of flexible licenses and ordering options. Contact us if you require any additional information.

Download Image Maps for SharePoint Image Maps for SharePoint Pricing We provide a selection of flexible licenses and ordering options. Contact us if you require any additional information.

Communicate your message and boost engagement!

SharePoint Image Maps is THE SharePoint Add-in to create interactive images with eye-catching content from within SharePoint. For the uninitiated, an image map is one image with multiple "clickable" hotspots. Make the most of every chance to communicate your message and boost engagement.